About Waxoyl

Customised problem solving to maintain the value of everything man-made that moves on roads or rails, floats on water or flies through the air. For storage and maintenance, too. From pros for pros - exclusive and effective!

The name WAXOYL stands for more than fifty years' experience in the battle against corrosion and weather damage. Trusted by specialists the world over: car manufacturers, railway constructors, ship and aeroplane owners, construction machinery producers, etc.

Ozone and acid rain are just two of the many harmful agents that are not only extremely damaging to nature, but that are also increasingly impairing the maintenance and viability of buildings and vehicles. The effect of the ravages of time is becoming manifest more rapidly than ever. At the same time, requirements for the durability and resistance of modern construction materials are escalating all the time - on land, at sea and in the air.

WAXOYL is facing up to these challenges. With exclusive products and individually designed programmes. Exclusively and solely for authorised dealers. From pros for pros.

WAXOYL products are manufactured in Great Britain, the USA, Germany and Switzerland according to ultra-stringent quality regulations. Subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium and Russia.

Distribution partners throughout the world.

Waxoyl Performance

  • Salt Spray Test – Exceeds 1000 hours exposure on Standard test panels @ 50 microns DFT ( Scribed And Unscribed)
  • Exceeds the requirements of US Mil-C-0083933A for Corrosion preventive compounds
  • Passed ASTM B 117
  • Possesses excellent seam protection qualities
  • Passed the ignition source test as defined a/in BS 476 part 12

Please contact us if you are interested in our products and systems for professional use. (No sales to private individuals)